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MSC Consulting Virtual GAP

Peak into the background of community e-commerce enterprises in markets in lower-tier cities

Key dates

Jul 1 - Jul 31, 23

Application Period

Currently till May 17, 23

Suitable For

Students interested in Consulting. Business Analysis

Provide sustainable strategic consulting report for community e-commerce enterprises

4 Weekly Corporate Training on :

Enterprise Strategies & Market Analysis

Explain the tools and methods of social researches.

Desktop vs Academic Researches

Understand the differences between the 2 researches and its theory.

Studies on Community E-commerce

Background research on community e-commerce enterprises.

Marketing 101

Understanding how to utilize user engagement for marketing.

Week 1

First Cohort meeting with trainers and students.Receive instructions on attachment expectations and requirements.

Week 2

Using cases to describe enterprise strategies and market analysis. Apply deskop research methods to compose reports on e-commerce enterprises in lower-tier cities.

Week 3

Participate in enterprise status research and internal and external environment study, conduct business interviews and provide theoretical support for business directions.

Week 4

Within the team, students prepare a set of creative proposal and present a final report to the trainers and executives.

Program Schedule

Image by Appolinary Kalashnikova


One word to describe the GAP program will be fulfilling. I really appreciated DISC assessment because I got to know myself better, like how work with people more effectively and doing the different profiles of people allow me to know how to interact with them better, such as being direct when communicating with someone of high dominance and stand and goal in mind.

Yue Chang (MSC Cohort 9)
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Jump-start your career with MSC Virtual GAP

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