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Shanghai Media Group GAP

Journalism and television program production in one of the world's top 500 media

Key dates

Jul 10 -  Jul 16, 23

Jul 25 - Jul 31, 23

(Onsite, Shanghai)

Application Period

Currently till May 17, 23

Suitable For

Students interested in Journalism, Television Production, Radio & Television Editing & Directing, New Media

Master the skills of media and TV production with SMG

7 Days Corporate Training on :

Introduction to Radio & TV Industry

Development process and trends of radio and tv industry in China.

Conception of News & Photography

Understand the 6 elements of news. Master news writing and post production.

TV Program Production 

Learn the evolution & classification of TV program production and its influence.

TV Broadcasting

Complete the preparation of press release and broadcast release. Learn broadcasting host practice.

Day 1
Opening Ceremony

Arrival in Shanghai and undergo career education workshop

Day 2

TV producers to explain the process of TV program production, its evolution and classification. Understand analysis of topic selection and production difficulties.

Day 3
Conception of News

Experts explanation on the elements of news, characteristics, structure and classification. Understand domestic radio and television program audition mechanism. Learn interview skills.

Program Schedule

Day 4
News Production

Master the format requirements in news writing and highlight the fact, viewpoints, investigation and emotion expression. Learn news post production, including sound and picture editing, and subtitles.

Day 5
TV Broadcasting

Complete the preparation of press release and program broadcast release. Explain the expression characteristics, requirements and body language of broadcasting.

Day 6
Broadcasting Drill

Final news show and broadcasting drill. Complete final exam on news program and receive guidance from tutor.

Image by Jakob Owens


I have learnt about the different dimensions of marketing in China. The market in China is evolving very fast and there are a lot of platforms that need to be utilized in order to achieve successful and sustainable branding in the Chinese market. The YES-VCPT has introduced the fundamentals and built the foundation for me to explore further.

Zhang Yi kai (ASUS Cohort 6)
Are you ready ?

Jump-start your career with Shanghai Media Group GAP

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