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Jump-start your career with Major GAP

( Global Attachment Program )

Acquire real world working experience with leading global companies
Learn from Corporate Managers

Attached and learn directly from Corporate Managers who are currently on the role and get direct mentoring on essential business and social skills.

Value for
future application

Stand out from your peers for career or university application with recommendation letter and/or cerificates from company.

Industry Knowledge and Function Education

Hand-on and direct exposure to the industries knowledge and functional knowledge needed to excel in the role within the company.

Build a
professional network 

Establish professional network with mentors, coaches and business executives.

Project and Problem Based Learning

Assigned to function-related task. Participate in workshops and working with team to embark on solution findings.

Career guidance
and mentoring

Received guided mentoring and advice from professional executives for your future career development.

Consulting, Sustainability
Marketing, Branding
Investment, Consulting
Financial, Market Analysis
Business, Entrepreneurship
Data communiation
Current Programs

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How it works

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Each program varies from one another and may involve a set of assignments and prerequisites for which specific skills are required. Before applying, you should understand the type of training and commitment of the program.

Virtual GAP

Online Program
3 - 4 weeks
~ 20 Hours commitment
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Onsite Program
5 - 6 days
~ 20 Hours commitment


Customize your learning and training by adding career-ready program ontop of your corporate training. Eg. Cross-cultural training, Social Media training, mock interview, self-assessment profiling and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the GAP conducted?
    The GAP is either conducted virtually or physically in a specific country/city depending on the location of the selected host company. *Each GAP are uniquely curated with training materials designed by the professional managers.
  • Is the GAP conducted as a class or 1-to-1?
    All GAP are conducted as a cohort and the size of each cohort may vary depending on the type of program and requirement from the corporate. *For special arrangement such as 1-to-1 or private cohort, do connect us at
  • How can corporate and/or institutions onboard the Major GAP?
    Corporates / start-ups / enterprises that like to be onboarded the Major GAP as our host company can schedule a meeting with us at:
  • What happen if I'm not available for some of the dates?
    Recording and training materials will be provided to students at the end of each training. However, student are strongly encourage to inform in advance and to schedule a consultation with the trainers.
  • Do I need previous experience to join one of these programs?
    No. The GAP are for students who do not have any specific industry expertise yet. Hence, student with no work/intern/traineeship experience are welcome to join the programs and be trained in the specific skillsets that allow you to work on real caorporate projects.
  • How do I apply for the programs?
    Click onto the application button to be aware of the documents and information required. Most application will require you to submit with your resume. Do note that incomplete application form may result in a delay of your application.
  • How is the application process like?
    Application for the GAP is fully dependent on your application form and answers. To ensure the quality of our programs, we kept each cohort size small. With limited slots available, you are strongly advised to think through your application and make sure you demonstrate your level of interest in the form.
  • How many application can I make?
    There is no restriction to the number of application you can submit. However, do note that multiple application at one time may result in a delay of your application outcome. For student who have graduated from our program previously, you may reapply for a different GAP of your interest. Refer to the pricing FAQ for more information on the second time application.
  • Is there an application fee?
    No. We do not charge a fee at any stage of the application. However, upon successful offer of the program, there will be a tuition fee to be paid to the trainers, coaches and learning materials.
  • What is the Tuition Fees of the program?
    Yes. There will be a tuition fees to be paid for each GAP and the fees vary depending on the following: 1) The number of trainers 2) Cohort size 4) Training materials 4) Format of programme (virtual or physical) 4) The level of expertise of trainers *Do note that the tuition fees are largely dependent on the market rates to employ industry professionals to conduct the training and is reflective of the salary range in the specific industry.
  • How is the Tuition Fees like for multiple application?
Jeany Wong - ASUS Attachment Cohort 5

"An eye-opening experience where you take away a lot of cultural knowledge while working remotely. The marketing workshop provided by the ASUS trainers brought in examples and other relevant cases to create more comprehensive learning."

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