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Visit DJI Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center & participate in unmanned aerial program

Key dates

Jul 9 -  Jul 15, 23

Jul 21 - Jul 27, 23

(Onsite, Shanghai)

Application Period

Currently till May 17, 23

Suitable For

Students interested in Machinery, Automation, Electronic Information, Remote Sensing Surveying, Mapping

Immerse in UAV knowledge and cutting-edge applications

7 Days Corporate Training on :

Background of UAV

Learn UAV principles, flight mode and control methods. Application in mapping and safety regulation.

UAV Flight Knowledge & Applications

Learn latest technology and development trends of UAV. Assemble and undergo drill.

Interdisciplinary Principles of UAV

Explain areodynamics, UAV Flight principles and experience pilot training.

Artificial Intelligence & Unmanned Driving

Understand AI and UAV driving, their development directions and principles.

Day 1
Opening Ceremony

Arrival in Shanghai and undergo career education workshop

Day 2

Learn UAV courses in DJI UTC, including basic principles, history and its applications in mapping, national security and film industry. Master the flight theory and assembly principles of UAV.

Day 3
UAV Flight Principles & Analysis

Explain aerodynamics, flight principles, mode and control method. Experience the pilot training process and learn basic UAV operations skills on computer.

Program Schedule

Day 4
UAV Assembly

Assemble and adjust multi rotor UAV under guidance of instructor and learn UAV Angineering maintenance practice through test and application operation drill.

Day 5
Artificial Intelligence & Unmanned Driving

Explain AI and UAV driving, and understand their development direction and unmanned driving. Control UAV to take off from assigned positions and fly according to the specific route.

Day 6
UAV Programming

Learn basic UAV programming principles and undergo 2 UAV programming challenge :

1) UAV Programming Maze

2) UAV Innovative Challenge


I have learnt about the different dimensions of marketing in China. The market in China is evolving very fast and there are a lot of platforms that need to be utilized in order to achieve successful and sustainable branding in the Chinese market. The YES-VCPT has introduced the fundamentals and built the foundation for me to explore further.

Zhang Yi kai (ASUS Cohort 6)
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