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Provide the latest information on international financial market trend for over 10,000 university students in the whole world.

Key dates

Jun 14 - Jul 9, 23

Application Period

Currently till May 21, 23

Suitable For

Students interested in Trading and Financial Asset Analysis

Analyze fundamentals and trend through market research and macroscopic analysis

4 Weekly Corporate Training on :

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Macroeconomic Trends Report

Research on macroeconomic trends and industry developments.

Financial Report Summary

Asset report and academic analysis with actual case samples.

Global Market Analysis

Introduction to international financial market analysis and macroeconomic research

Understanding of Assets

Preview of asset price change trend and deep analysis

Week 1

First Cohort meeting with trainers and students. Receive instructions on attachment expectations and requirements.

Week 2

Interpretation of global macro-economy cases and analysis of financial macroeconomic research background significance.

Week 3

Deep analysis of trend analysis on assets and financial data. Understanding academic analysis with case studies.

Week 4

Within the team, students prepare a set of creative proposal and present a final report to the trainers and executives.

Program Schedule

A woman at the office overlooking the city skyline


I have learnt about the different dimensions of marketing in China. The market in China is evolving very fast and there are a lot of platforms that need to be utilized in order to achieve successful and sustainable branding in the Chinese market. The Major GAP has introduced the fundamentals and built the foundation for me to explore further.

Zhang Yi kai (ASUS Cohort 6)
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