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Teamlab GAP

Professional training on creative curation

Key dates

Jul 9 -  Jul 15, 23

Jul 21 - Jul 27, 23

(Onsite, Shanghai)

Application Period

Currently till May 17, 23

Suitable For

Students interested in Art Design, Fine Arts, Exhibition Management

Master the skills of media and TV production with SMG

7 Days Corporate Training on :

Introduction: Global Art Market

Current development and trend of European Art Market.

Principles of Art Design & Drafting

Basic prinicples such as lines, colors, styles and textures. Understand draft plan and presentation.

Art Design & Artwork Expression

Core theories of Art Design and explanation of art expression methods and meanings.

Art Curation

Basic concepts of curating, creative atmosphere and artistic traditions in UK and Western countries.

Day 1
Opening Ceremony

Arrival in Shanghai and undergo career education workshop

Day 2
Round-Table Discussion

Study the current development and trend of the European art market. Understand creative expression of contemporary artists and artwork.

Learn core theories of art design and expression.

Day 3
Power station of Art Shanghai

Visit Power Station of Art, the first public contemporary art museum in China. Workshop on thinking and creative art design. Learn graphic design, illustration and art installations.

Program Schedule

Day 4
Princples of Art Design

Study basic principles of Art Design such as lines, colors, styles and textures. Sort out first-hand inspiration materials and determine draft plan.

Day 5
Presentation of Artworks

Selection of tools and basic materials for final art production. Learn basic concepts of curation, creative atmosphere and artistic traditions in UK and western countries.

Day 6
Curatorial Challenge

Complete art curatorial plan as a team and conduct stimulated curatorial challenges through presentation of artworks and interpretation to tutors and classmates.

Art Museum


I have learnt about the different dimensions of marketing in China. The market in China is evolving very fast and there are a lot of platforms that need to be utilized in order to achieve successful and sustainable branding in the Chinese market. The YES-VCPT has introduced the fundamentals and built the foundation for me to explore further.

Zhang Yi kai (ASUS Cohort 6)
Are you ready ?

Jump-start your career with Teamlab GAP

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